What the Sound of Freedom Looks Like in the USA

The three ladies of LoveTalk host CHARA McMICHAEL, the Executive Director of the Human Traffic

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San Antonio-Based Coalition Fighting Human Trafficking Receives $1.5 Million Grant

A recent award of federal funds will enhance the efforts of the South Texas Officers and Prose

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Sex solicitors and buyers to pay a steeper price in Texas come Sept. 1

Texas is poised to become the first state allowing authorities to arrest those who buy and sol

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Funding shortfall could slow effort to combat sex trafficking in Texas

The COVID pandemic help cause a slowdown in the funding to combat human trafficking in Texas.

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BCFS executive director discusses current human trafficking trends in Texas

Chara McMichael, executive director of the BCFS Health and Human Services, joins KSAT Q&A

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Sex and slave labor is a problem in Bexar County, advocate says

BCFS Health & Human Services says 80,000 minors are trafficked in Texas. SAN ANTONIO – C

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